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Izeneyes.com is owned and operated by the Dragonize Organization. The purpose of Izeneyes.com is to provide potential tools for people to apply more steps of the Goal Process as written by Chairman of the Board, Morris Anderson, YOU'ser Name: CoachMorris. 

Social platforms have a great deal in the way we can progress today as individuals and as a society in general. On Izeneyes.com, you will expect to have no algorithms interfering with the way your JournalStream appears. If you follow someone, you will see their posts. If others follow your content, they will see your content in the JournalStream the moment you post your content. You can trust to learn from those you choose to learn from and not miss out on the content you have chosen to follow. As Izeneyes.com is intended to help individuals integrate the cyber tools into their global life, and improve efficiency and content, we, therefore, do have limitations on the number of daily posts an account can submit. We prefer to see goals in action, sitting on the internet all day does take your most precious asset of time. Use your internet time most efficiently to get those goals accomplished.


The JournalStream is unique in that you can choose how your posts are viewed: 

  • Public Posts: Anyone, and everyone, can see these posts. Other YOU'sers do not need to follow or friend you to see your Public posts. Restrictions of public-oriented content do apply, and reported posts are subject to review and removal if deemed inappropriate for the public environment.
  • Site Members: Only other YOU'sers are able to see these posts. Other YOU'ser does not need to follow or friend you to see these posts, they just need to have an account and set their JournalStreem to view "All Streams." This is still considered a Public arena, therefore same restrictions apply for Public Posts.
  • Friends Only: More personal should be set to Friends only. Only those who you have accepted friend requests from will be able to see these posts. Izeneyes.com does not monitor content to Friends only set posts. However, if a "friend" reports inappropriate or illegal content, the post will be reviewed and potentially removed. 
  • Only Me: This is for personal Journal keeping progress. For those goals, you have set, but are not ready for the public environment. Only you see them. Izeneyes.com does not monitor any Only Me posts, and none of these posts can be reported by others. This setting is 100% for your personal journal tracking. 


Morris Anderson

My coaching career began at 15 years old. When I was told I had to earn my opportunity to take gymnastics classes. That turned into a 28-year career of working with well over 3,000 youth. During that time I was a coach, a business owner, an employer, a father, and an established author. In the agenda to help improve as many of my students, their parents, and the coaches I hired, I documented and studied every possible scenario that we could use for applicable theories toward progression. That has now become the Dragonize Standard of the Goal Process. 

I love writing and seeing how my writing might help inspire others to Believe Greatly, so they may act to Achieve Greatly. Within the past and future issues of the Dragonize Syndicate, I hope we can bring forward amazing individuals that may also provide hope and inspiration toward the progress toward true joy with one another. 

My 3-Bums (Belle, Raymond, & Layla) are proud to bring you these stories every month..    And we LOVE to WakeSurf!!!!.